ŠperkStret 2006

Two years later, the event was repeated. Theo Smeets (NL/DE), professor of the partner school in Idar- Oberstein lectured, along with sculptor and jeweler Peter Skubic (A), jeweler, designer and co-owner of a czech granite jewelry production company Jiří Urban (CZ) and studio s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery graduate Jana Machatová.

The conference also included a joint exhibition of the German Fachhochschule Edelstein und Schmuckdesign Trier and studio s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery students at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, which took place in Medium gallery under the name Ex Change. The exhibition reflected the young German and Slovak artists’ work created during their exchange programs in partner studios.

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"Between Construction and Emotion"