International Conference
of Contemporary Jewellery in Bratislava

ŠperkStret 2010

"Schmuck Causa / Jewellery Cause"

Schmuck Causa: For Šperk Stret 2010, we were looking for a fitting catchword from the jewelry world, which could accommodate the wide spectrum of opinions and individual approaches in the works of invited authors. So we created the imaginary fighting ring, in which the clash of the various authors’ approaches takes place. Each of the lecturers brings something from his or her world to the Ring. The Ring is an open space for confrontations and the following pages offer reflections on the individual and creative perception of art jewelry as a means of communication and a mediator of ideas.

The history and current direction of the Wien jewel studio Stoss im Himmel was introduced by its protagonists Birgit Wie, Caroline Ertl, Eva Tesarik, Viktoria Münzker and Michelle Kraemer. They also presented their work at a complementary exhibition StossimHimmel in the KOGO New Premises gallery. Story as the essence of jewellery was picked for the theme of the lecture by notable sculptor and jewelery professor Karel Vratislav Novak (CZ). Kata Kissoczy (SK/CZ) who organizes international visual art symposiums in the authentic premises of her mother’s home and studio, presented also the work of the important Slovak sculptor and jeweler Erna Masarovičová. The jeweler and textile artist Ursula Guttmann (A) also presented signature visual concepts, which reflect her work as the extension of the human body, while Marc Monzó (SP) showed work that brings fresh and playful approach to the form and function of the created object. Martin Papcún (CZ) presented sculpture and architectural approaches in jewelry making and other areas and Katja Prins (NL) introduced her own Brave New World, in which she unleashes the mutual relationship between the human body and mechanical gadgets, technologies and industry. The founder and operator of the most important online portal dealing with contemporary jewelry, Klimt02 – Leo Cabellero (SP) – tried on the other hand tried to convince the audience that the true reality is the Internet. The jeweler, anthropologist and organizer of summer jewelry workshops and symposiums in Switzerland Felix Urs Stüssi (CH), shed some light at his own experience with perceptions on jewelry making in Africa. His own works could be seen at an exhibition at the Goethe Institute in Bratislava. Jeweler and ceramic artist, professor Daniel Kruger (DE), who recently lead the jewelry studio at the University of Art and Design in Germany’s Halle introduced his works and also the works of his students. In the lecture La passion des évidences, designer from the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp Nedda El-Asmar (BG) introduced her work and also the creations of jewelry making students. The opportunity to compare and contrast itself with other European schools was also a challenge for Karol Weisslechner the head of studio s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Exhibition activities: elective exhibition Segment / Polstoročie slovenského šperku in the Medium gallery (curators Ágnes Schramm and Mária Nepšinská), exhibition Anton Cepka in the atrium of Esterházy Palace, the Slovak National Gallery. The programme was complemented by authors exhibitions: Temné záhrady by Bety K. Majerníková and Kristýna Španihelová (GMB Pálffy Palace), Jewellery MODEL by Lucia Bartková (Senelius), Matej Bezúch 03 / Pavol Prekop 0:0 at Enter gallery (curator Katarína Gatialová), Slávka Ondrušová (Next Apache), Goldfish Bowl by Lucia Gašparovičová (Topas Jewel display window), the international collective exhibition entitled Inšpirácia papierom – šperk (Gallery X) and student projects of the s+m+l_XL Metal and Jewel studio called Miesto činu in the building of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design inBratislava. At the time of the event even an international exhibition called Schmuck Wander was taking place in the Vienna studio Stoss im Himmel.

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