ŠperkStret 2004

The tradition of international conference ŠperkStret began in October of 2004 as the result the of an initiative by prof. Karol Weisslechner, the head of studio s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

It was intended to spread the awareness of this topic. Lecturing authors included jeweler Rian de Jong (L), Petra Zimmermann (A), Czech jewellers Petr Vogel and Lída Šikolová, art theorist and the promoter of the international jewel symposium in the Český ráj Museum in Turnov Miroslav Cogan and studio s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery graduates Sylvia Jokelová and Lucia Oreská (both authors of the project ZOOM) and Daniela Mládenková.

The studio s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery exhibition Spy Eye what you want… in Medium gallery was offered as a complementary event.

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