International Conference
of Contemporary Jewellery in Bratislava

ŠperkStret 2022

"Social Value of a Personal Object"

“Jewelry goes beyond its mere physical form; jewelry becomes an instrument, a language, prompting encounters to occur. In this context form takes on a different connotation and becomes a relationship between individuals around an object. When discussing the functions of jewelry, jewelry should not only be assessed as object. It should be considered as the relationship it establishes through these encounters.”

Jennifer Lee Hallsey

The aim of the conference is to stimulate the way of thinking that we can look at contemporary art objects that work with their own performance, timeliness, the principle of the game and other socially stimulating strategies. The potential and urgency of the topic, which we have been perceiving for a long time in connection with our own author’s work, can be the beginning of a broader interdisciplinary discussion, the common denominator of which is the search for new meanings of an art object, its physical presentation and interaction with the viewer.

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International Conference of Contemporary Jewellery in Bratislava